Johan Peter Alt and his Descendents

664 names included.        This is by no means a complete listing of all the Ault's (Alt's)

Family books have been written and published by Bill Kincaid and Nellie Wallace Reeser

For this AULT Family, most of the records come from Nellie Wallace Reeser in her book "Valentin ALT, His Children, and His Grandchildren."
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Much information came from the book "Valentine Ault, Four Generations of Ault Descendants" by Bill Kincaid
In respect to Bill, I have only published my direct linage on this web site.  His book is still being sold, see below.
>>>  Library bound leather on 60 pound paper, 589 Pages of family history and source citations, detailed index to over 3000 family members.
Cost $60 + $5 postage and handling.
Please make checks payable to Bill Kincaid and return order form to:

Bill Kincaid
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